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May 15, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.2]

• Experience Multipliers now stack! If you turn multiple in, their durations are added together.
• Every NPC that gives a ToonTask will now shuffle their offers every hour on the hour.
• Toons can now choose which ToonTask they would like to turn in, if any.
• A new Cogbuck indicator will show up when a Promotion Assist Unite is thrown, showing how many Cogbucks you received.
• Multiple Jellybean and Cogbuck indicators can show up at once! They'll arrange themselves neatly across the bottom of the screen during Beanfests and other Unite-throwing events.
• Added a "Sure!" phrase to SpeedChat, under the "Friendly" submenu.
• One word NPC Names, like "Alice" or "Jake", are no longer blocked by Type-A-Name.

Crash Cashbot Headquarters
• A new reward is now offered from Loopy Loopenloop and Cassie Peppercakes -- Double Cogbucks!
• ToonTasks requiring "Cashbots Anywhere" have been added for all rewards.
• For the rest of Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters, Cashbot Mints have been made easier to complete.
• The amount of Laff points you receive from Goon Treasures out by the Vault Doors has increased.
• More spawn locations have been added to the top of the stairs in Cashbot Headquarters.
• The reward shown for Promotion Assist Unites will now say specifically what kind of Unite it is on the ToonTask.
• Cog Summons are no longer allowed in Cashbot HQ.
• Fixed a bug where a reward for 30 minutes of Double XP Anywhere wasn't deletable.
• Cogbucks ToonTasks will no longer give credit to anyone that owns a Rental Suit.
• Any Toons with Cogbucks and level progress on their Rental Suit will have their Cashbot Suit reset.

Silly Meter
• Resolved an issue with the Silly Meter that caused server instability.