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May 17, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.0.0]

Major Update: The loading system has been completely rewritten!
Back in November, we put together a newly reworked and optimized loading system. Unhappy with our previous work, we went back and redid it one more time to be faster and more reliable, as well as an improved format.
* Sent out street sweepers to clear out the weird patterns on streets.
• In-game kick messages now show a reason.
Major Update: Backend changes!
* Migrate to new servers in preparation for the public launch. We will be tweaking and updating these servers throughout Beta, so please bear with us when we have to bring them down for maintenance!
• The update system is now completely automated so that districts can be spun up in a flash.
• Implement the "Queue" system!
To keep the servers from being constantly pounded on, occasionally you may have to wait in a queue for a few seconds before logging in. This will make sure that everyone can have a good time playing and give us proper time to launch a new district when there is high load. Give us some feedback on what you think!
* The Launcher has been updated to be a bit more user-friendly, as well as implement better patching.

• Fix a couple of issues relating to the sound effect library.
• Major code cleanup all-around.

• You can no longer teleport to a friend in a full district once a certain limit of toons has been reached.
This is to encourage people to spread out among other districts and put an end to "parkers", rather than crowding into one massive district.
* Added in an unused animation for the Cog's reaction to a Fire Hose.
• Cogs now sway back and forth when lured to show that they are stunned.
• Added sound effects for Schmooze and Half Windsor attacks.

The Cogs have invaded Toontown!
• Every Toon HQ all over Toontown is now offering ToonTasks!
Because of the lack of HQs in this build, you can currently only progress up to Daisy Gardens.
* Goofy's Gag Shop is stocked up and open for business!
• The Toon Council now sends you a complementary whisper to let you know when your name is approved.
• The Cogs have stepped up their efforts, and their master plan has begun. The streets are being bombarded with random Invasions and Cog Buildings!
• Tutorial Tom has opened up his Toontorial to new toons from far and wide to learn about Cogs and how to handle them. Be sure to stop by!
• You can now earn Beta Keys to give to friends through random in-game ToonTasks! They are a bit rare to get right now, so keep your eyes peeled!
• And many, many other things that we can't even count!