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Our Technical Toons are investigating reports from The Toontown Post Office of item gifting from the Catalog not working. Working with Postmaster Pete, they are now draining districts to correct the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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October 26, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.6]

The Spooktown Curse
• The Spooktown Curse has been extended to November 3rd! Jack O' Kazam's power grows ever year...
• Fixed an issue that caused every Toon Muzzle to activate at the same time when a Pumpkin Head is hidden. (e.g. in Cog Facilities)
• Addressed issues with ToonTask progress failing to save in certain circumstances.

• All Toontown Online MIDI files have been re-converted to .OGG at CD Quality and with restored instruments.
• Green, Mint Green, Emerald, Teal, Steel Blue have been added as default shirt colors.
• Addressed an issue that caused rotation speed in the Closet, Accessory Trunk, and Kart Shtickerbook Page to be tied to the framerate.
• Updated Cog Golf's Bombs to flash at a set speed, rather than being tied to the framerate.

• Adjusted placement of the Feather Tether to avoid clipping issues.
• Fixed an issue that caused the Super Toon cape to fail to deliver when purchased from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.

• Fixed various bugs with Estate Cannons -- so don't fly away!

• Fixed Merry Multipliers not affecting Bounty Cog XP, which is extra Cog XP given on completion of any Cog facility.
• Doubled Bounty XP awarded in the DA's Office to bring the XP given out in line with other Cog facilities.

Options Menu
• Manual edits to screen resolution in settings.json will no longer be ignored on macOS.
• The Options Remote will now move during the Ring Game and during Racing to avoid obscuring other GUI elements.
• For the sake of performance on low-end machines, the default option for MSAA is now "Off".

Silly Meter
• Addressed a bug that caused multiple Gag XP Multiplier teams to be unable show up in the Silly Meter's team list at the same time.
• While the Speedy Gardening Growth Silly Team is active, plants will no longer consume water.