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May 2, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.0]

Crash Cashbot Headquarters
• Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters has arrived! Until May 31st, the Toon Resistance will be on full attack over at Cashbot Headquarters. Whether you're a new Toon or a seasoned veteran, anyone can participate in the event!
• Cashbot Headquarters has been Crashed! The place is a mess, and The Resistance has set up their outpost in the heart of the Headquarters.
• Goofy's Gag Shop has partnered with the Toon Resistance and has temporarily set up shop within the Resistance Outpost.
• Limited-time ToonTasks have been added with new exclusive clothing, accessories, and rewards. Check back every week to see what new items the Toon Resistance has to offer!
• Hey, who's driving the Trolley? Run after it on the tracks of Cashbot HQ to regain Laff Points!
• Due to increased Silliness in the area, all Toons will have teleport access to Cashbot Headquarters during the event.
• Laff Requirements have been temporarily lifted from the Dollar and Bullion Mints.
• To guard himself, the C.F.O. has sent out some Goons near the doors to the Cashbot Vault.

• Removed the 125 FPS cap. High refresh rate users rejoice!

• Adjusted Whole Fruit/Cream Pie model to fix a texture issue.
• Added an updated Party Cannon texture, featuring more detail and an improved design!
• Fixed a transparency issue with the Twitter Birb hat. Long Live the Birb!

• Street Signs have been re-implemented, and now feature an advertisement for Crash Cashbot Headquarters. Be sure to watch these signs regularly to see what's going on in Toontown!

• Adjusted accessory positioning for nearly every accessory on every type of Toon. Deer and Crocodile Toons in particular should notice a massive difference in quality!
• Increased the size of the Closet and Accessory Trunk, which now hold up to 300 items each!