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December 22, 2020 [ttr-live-v2.7.1]

• Fixed a bug where Community Partners did not show up as such when viewing their profile in a different area.
• Toons no longer lose speed when pressing the walk key mid-air. Actually, this time!
• Fixed various cases of Content Packs not being applied or applied correctly.
• Implemented stability enhancements for lower-end machines using an Intel Integrated GPU.
• Addressed various GUI related bugs introduced in ttr-live-v2.7.0.
• Fixed multiple bugs and crashes throughout Toontown.
• Removed Laff limit from the Sellbot Factory side entrance.

• Implemented a fix for a long-standing bug where Anti-Aliasing would not be applied.
• Addressed a visual bug where streets would have improper lighting during Halloween and Winter holidays.
• In ToonTasks given by HQ Officers, a random Toon head is now used on the ToonTask scroll.
• Accessories will no longer display on the Toon statue preview in the Cattlelog.