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March 1, 2022 [ttr-live-v3.1.1]

• Addressed a grammatical error in one of the Cold Caller's attack phrases.
• Fixed various crashes around Toontown.

• Added an all new house exterior, the "Royal Residence"! From now until May 31, only for 10000 jellybeans, you can buy this elegant exterior and truly live as if you were royalty!

Sellbot Field Offices
• Slightly adjusted a camera angle in the Surveillance Suite. Now you finally can get back to knowing what your group's favorite Gag Track is without being interrupted!

• Addressed a long-standing bug where multiple using Throw and Drop gags of the same type in the same round would only play one sound effect. Now you can truly hear those pies fly!
• Fixed various other battle related bugs, visual hiccups, and crashes.