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May 24, 2024 [ttr-live-v4.0.0]

• This is an abbreviated list! Consult the rebalancing document for all battle-related changes & rationale:
• Boss rewards such as S.O.S. Cards, Doodle tricks, Toon-Up Gags, and Trap Gag placements no longer grant a Stun accuracy bonus to upcoming battle actions.
• Damage-dealing gags such as Sound, Throw, and Squirt Gags now grant an increased Stun accuracy bonus to upcoming battle actions, from 20% to 25%.
• Activated Trap gags now granted an increased Stun accuracy bonus of 30% to upcoming battle actions.
• Increased base accuracy of the $1 Bill from 50% to 60%.
• Increased base accuracy of the Small Magnet from 50% to 55%.
• Increased base accuracy of the $5 Bill from 60% to 70%.
• Increased base accuracy of Big Magnet from 60% to 65%.
• Increased base accuracy of the $10 Bill from 70% to 80%.
• Increased base accuracy of the Hypno Goggles from 70% to 75%.
• Decreased base accuracy of the Presentation from 95% to 90%.
• Higher-leveled Lure Gags now override the base accuracy of lower-leveled Lure Gags when used simultaneously.
• Multiple Lure Gags of the same targeting type used simultaneously now grant a bonus (20/15/10)% Accuracy depending on the gag level discrepancies of the additional Lure gag pairs, with the bonus being smaller if lower-leveled Lure gags are used.
• All instances of Organic Bonus are now calculated rounded up instead of down.
• Increased Organic Toon-Up healing bonus from 10% to 20%.
• Increased Organic Squirt damage bonus from 10% to 15%.
• Increased Organic Drop damage bonus from 10% to 15%.
• Decreased the maximum carrying capacity of Sound Gags.
• Reduced the Gag skill point thresholds for unlocking Sound Gags. All players should automatically reflect this change.
• Changed Drop’s Accuracy Description from Low to Very Low.
• Trap now provides a passive 10% accuracy bonus to any Lure gags used on Cogs with the 'Trapped' Status Effect.
• Lowered the Gag skill point threshold for unlocking Quicksand from 800 to 500.
• Implemented an all-new, extremely challenging ToonTask which allows Toons to change their increased Level 7 Gag carrying capacity after completing the Sellbot Task Force. Consult an Operator in the Sellbot Hideout if interested!
• Reinforced Plating has been reworked: Removed the defense attribute that blocked damage per gag based on the level of the Cog. When Version 2.0 Cogs are destroyed and transformed into a Skelecog, they will now be able to still attack Toons rather than skipping their turn.

Battle Menu
• The Cog Battle menu now displays the health of Cogs in a health-bar fashion; color-coded respectfully to their displayed circle gauges.
• The Cog Avatar panel has been re-imagined with a new metallic plating. Status Effect support included!

Cog Facility Reworks
• All Headquarters Cog Facilities have been simplified into two paths: an easy mode for lower-Laff Toons completing the appropriate ToonTasks, and a hard mode for Toons dedicated to promoting their Cog Disguises.
• Meet the Factory Foreman, Mint Auditor, Office Clerk, and Club President -- re-imagined as brand-new personalities with their own fun, new fights. These encounters feature new cutscenes, dialogue, attacks, Special Moves, and more!
• Toontown Remastered is coming early to the Cog Facilities! All facilities have brand-new, remastered assets, taking advantage of higher-resolution textures and better collisions. Check out the content packs document for a complete list of changes:
• Both Sellbot Factories now start at the front entrance, following increased security measures by the Factory Foreman!
• Cashbot Mints have a brand-new room featuring a way to practice for the C.F.O. Crane game!
• The Lawbot D.A. Office lobby has been entirely redone, featuring fewer elevators, shorter walking distance, new framed illustrations, and new furniture. Feel free to take a seat in the chairs!
• Lawbot D.A. Offices have two brand-new battle rooms to increase the diversity of layouts. The Clerk has scrambled various floorplans to thwart the Toon Resistance!
• Bossbot Cog Golf Courses also have several brand-new gloomy rooms to explore: A new three-part maze, battle rooms, and an oil-gushing room!
• New Door obstacles are now present in Lawbot D.A. Offices and Bossbot Cog Golf Courses, replacing those uncanny metallic doors from the Sellbot Factories.
• The Cog Golf matching game now features several new puzzle layouts!
• Puzzles in the Cog Golf matching game can no longer be "stolen" or interrupt a Toon in the middle of solving one.
• Facility Cog levels are now semi-randomized instead of being preset & fixed. Look out for groups with varied levels!
• Easy Cog Facilities will now multiply Cog Promotion Experience and Gag Experience gains by 3x; Hard Cog Facilities multiply by 4x.
• Cog Supervisor battles will now attempt to pull all Toons in the facility into their final battle after a short delay.
• 16 brand new music tracks that play unique battle tunes throughout all Cog Facilities!
• Battle Rounds in Cog Bosses have been tweaked to spawn fewer Cogs to fight.

Cog Attacks
• All Cog Attacks across all Cog departments have been rebalanced to make them all on an equal footing of overall strength:
• Tweaked numerous accuracy values of the over-leveled Sellbots that were mildly over-tuned, and established values for the over-leveled Cogs in the other Cog departments.
• Tweaked numerous frequency values across all Cogs that have their attack pool updated.
• Introducing 12 new Cog Attacks that help provide variety and accommodate for some missing damage that some Cog departments have been lacking. We're looking at you, Bossbots.

Cog Disguise Promotions
• Cog promotion experience drops are now aligned with the Cog's level instead of half its level.
• Version 2.0 Cogs now drop twice the amount of promotion experience directly reflecting their Cog level.
• Cog Invasions no longer grants a bonus x2 multiplier towards promotion experience.
• ALL Cog Promotion requirements across all Cog departments have been rebalanced to be more confined and universally easier to promote.

Version 2.0 Cog Disguises
• Added a new, totally optional system for high-level Toons who want to have virtual progression after finishing all their Cog Disguise promotions. There are absolutely no significant rewards associated with this (such as Laff boosts, Gags, or extra rewards).
• Toons can press the shiny new “Upgrade” button on their Cog Disguise Shticker Book page, available after hitting Level 50 in a given Cog Disguise. Doing this will reset the Cog Disguise to Level 8, allowing new Promotions to be acquired.
• Toons who upgrade their Cog Disguise retain their "Warehouse Key," allowing them access to the Headquarters Boss Battle to stock up on rewards, but not gain a Promotion.
• Upgraded Cog Disguise Promotions take double the amount of Cog Promotion Experience. Are you ready?
• Toons can freely pick the appearance of their Cog Disguise after the Version 2.0 upgrade!
• Upon maxing any Version 2.0 Cog Disguise, Toons will have the Slick Shirt & Slick Slacks sent to their mailbox, as well as being labeled as "Maxed v2.0" on the rewards panel.

Battle Drops
• Four new cosmetics are available as ultra-rare drops from defeating the four new Supervisors! Each has their own unique item, guaranteed to drop after a certain number of wins.
• Under the hood, this item drop mechanic has the potential to be expanded upon in future updates, allowing certain items to drop from Cogs under certain conditions.
• Starting a Version 2.0 Cog Disguise boosts the drop rate for the Supervisors' rare drops!

• Shopkeepers, too, are prepared for Under New Management! All ToonTasks in the game will reflect the new changes to the Cog Headquarters.
• Over 200 late-game ToonTasks have been rebalanced to be easier for players in Donald's Dreamland. All players should automatically reflect this change, in most cases they will automatically be completed.
• Introduced a dozen or so new ToonTasks for elder players that ask for a variety of activities across all Cog Headquarters.

• Toon head size now remains the same regardless of the Cog Disguise being worn.
• Lord Lowden Clear has personally adjusted Dogs' Cog Disguises, preventing a "floating" head appearance.
• Freshened up the Cog Disguise page in the Shticker Book with HD textures.