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December 12, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.6.7]

• Upgraded Toontown's engine to Panda3D -- featuring the latest bug fixes and performance improvements.
• Mac players will no longer crash when a Bluetooth device is disconnected.
• Adjusted music throughout Toontown to loop seamlessly based on community feedback.
• Fixed several district resets.

• Fixed several bugs with the Type-a-Name menu.
• Based on community feedback, Type-a-Name will now provide more detailed reasoning for names that are automatically rejected.

• Changed the appearance of Professor Ivy to match her appearance on the Toontown Blog.

• Nearly all fonts have been upgraded to use a higher quality format -- they'll look sharper than ever on signs, loading screens, chat bubbles, nametags, and more!
• For Content Pack creators: You can now replace in-game fonts by replacing the files in "phase_3/fonts"!
• Fixed cases of flickering (z-fighting) on Toon Building interior signs.
• Fixed anti-aliasing causing major graphical issues on certain graphics cards.

• Reduced the wait time between gardening pop-ups.
• Added a special digging animation to flowers, trees, and statues.

• Drop S.O.S. Cards used by Toons without the Drop Track will no longer miss against Level 11+ Cogs.
• Fixed an issue that made Drop S.O.S. Cards miss Level 11+ Cogs if used with another Drop Gag.
• Addressed an issue in which Cogs would wake up early if a Lure S.O.S. Card was used by a Toon without the Lure Track.
• Fixed Head Hunter dialogue so they no longer say two sentences in one go. Leave that to the Two-Faces!