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October 3, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.5.9]

• Engine update! We've fixed a few bugs and improved performance further.

• Fix mismatched textures for Halloween clothing
• Fix an occasional crash when clicking on the Cattlelog button
• Tutorial Tom's chat bubble is no longer cut out of the screen in the Toontorial
• Tutorial Tom's legs are no longer missing after the Flunky battle
• Toons can no longer take over Shep Ahoy's shop with a Cog Building summons (ToonTask buildings aren't supposed to be able to be taken over by Toons!)

• Swap out a few Cattlelog SpeedChat phrases which are no longer required to be purchased

• Add a fishing pond to Acorn Acres, watched over by Fisherman Nutty.
• By popular demand, bring back the ToonFest game tables! They're scattered through Acorn Acres.