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May 30, 2022 [ttr-live-v3.3.0]

Sellbot Task Force
• Sellbot Task Force: The Last Laff is here!
• The Smasher Badge has arrived, complete with tons of new ToonTasks and rewards.
• Toons can now earn the final Laff Boost, bringing the new max Laff to 140.
• Upon earning the Smasher Badge, Toons can pick one Level 7 gag to carry two of.
• The G.I.M.M.I.C.K. has been unboxed! With this device, you can see when and where Sellbot Field Offices are going to drop, before they drop. Additionally, you can view all known locations of existing Field Offices.
• The Toon Resistance has had more time to move into their new space, and have taken to decorating the pipes.

Sellbot Field Offices
• The Boiler’s moves have been slightly rebalanced with some differing attack values, as well as being smarter depending on the current situation.
• The Boiler’s move accuracies have been slightly adjusted. Previously, accuracy increased with the difficulty tier of the Field Office, but only attack damage increases with each tier now.
• Slow Burn will no longer apply after defeating The Boiler. When the battle ends, you’re safe!
• The Sellbots have shaken things up with a second Surveillance Room layout.
• Added glowing particle effects to the cabinets in Cold Caller Cubicles to make them slightly more visible, even when behind walls.
• The snow piles by the cabinets will melt when the Cold Caller Cubicles are sufficiently heated.
• Additionally, snow piles are now properly color-scaled to the rest of the game.
• Sellbot Field Offices now have Laff warnings. You will be warned if you may be unprepared, but you can choose to disregard this warning.
• Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause group attacks to miss on The Boiler.
• Fixed a rare bug where only 3 Cogs would spawn during Defensive Strategy.

User Interface
• Goofy's Gag Shop has gotten a face-lift! There is an all-new interface for buying gags within the building, as well as while riding the Trolley.
• Toons can now save and load their usual gag setup at the Gag Shop.
• The Mega-Mover Maze interface has been remastered, giving it a higher quality look.
• Added a feature that allows you to see if a District is in the process of being drained by our Technical Operations Toons for maintenance. The district will turn an orange color, and you will be blocked from entering until maintenance is finished.
• Added the ability to hover over S.O.S. Cards and Pink Slips in the inventory and battle to view more information. This was previously only possible once a S.O.S. card was picked.
• When more than 4 status effects are applied to any Toon or Cog in battle, a new icon will appear. Hover over this icon to see the rest of the applied status effects!
• Addressed many cases where chat would not be visible while Toons are. Now, the chat bubbles will scale down to the window margins.
• Implemented the long-requested ability to open the Toon Detail Panel by clicking anywhere on a Toon.
• Improved performance for clicking physical objects to open an interface.
• Nametags, whispers, and chat bubbles will now scale their horizontal size based on your chat size setting. This should increase their visibility and readability when using these settings.
• Fixed a bug where the “Chat Size” setting would not persist properly when reloading the game.

Cog HQs
• Rotating the Seltzer Bottle in the C.E.O. battle now uses acceleration. Now, you should have slightly more precision while being able to spin fully around faster.
• The C.E.O. Seltzer Bottles will now face your Toon’s direction when hopping on.
• Tweaked the C.E.O.’s dialogue to directly reference V.I.P. Cogs before the banquet begins.
• All Laff requirements for Cog facilities have been replaced with Laff warnings, and now depend on your max Laff rather than your current Laff.
• Fixed Toon heads growing exponentially large or small in a Cog Disguise while having certain Cheesy Effects applied.
• Fixed a bug causing Cog facility buttons to turn solid colors.
• Fixed a bug where Goons would not spawn at the correct position.

• The “Lured” status effect no longer has a random chance to expire early. This would primarily affect low level Lure gags, such as a newly-obtained $1 Bill used against a high level Cog.
• Fixed a battle movie bug where using a Toontanic alongside a Drop SOS card would cause the Toontanic to show up late.
• Fixed the infamous “Fluffy bug,” where Fluffy would appear instead of your Doodle far more often than intended. Fluffy will still appear in cases of server lag.
• Fixed a rare issue where a Remote Control’s effect would not enact before a lured Cog was defeated.
• Fixed a crash sometimes caused when entering a battle that every Toon had just run away from.
• Fixed a bug where SOS Toons would miss if another gag in the same track went first and missed.
• Fixed a bug that could cause gags to miss when crossing targets.
• Fixed a bug where status effects were removed if a Toon would have gone sad, but was saved by a Toon-Up Unite before being hit.
• Fixed a visual bug that would allow you select Trap gags, but not a target, when every Cog in battle was Lured or Trapped and both status effects were present.
• Fixed an issue where battles would be invisible upon entering an area, particularly affecting streets and the Sellbot Factory interior.

• Added a “Refresh Audio Source” button to manually tell Toontown to reconsider the audio device output. Clicking this button will switch audio to the currently active device, so you can switch from speakers to headphones without needing to restart the game.
• In the Options Menu, sound level changes should now feel smoother.
• The title screen music now remains in sync when fading between the two versions.
• Fixed various issues that could cause dynamic music to break when being disabled and re-enabled.
• Fixed a bug causing Spooky Surprise unites to reset music levels to max, ignoring user preferences.

• Many character accents can now be used when using Type-a-Name.
• When using a Toon Rewrite, you can now mix and match specialty colors. For instance, you can now have a black cat with periwinkle arms. As long as your Toon’s head, arms, or legs keep this specialty color after rewriting, you can still change any part of your Toon back to that color later.

• Doodles can now be re-named in the Pet Shop for a small fee!
• Added an additional gibberish word for cats and horses, bringing them up to the three words that other species have.
• Level 7 gag trees have received some visual tweaks to account for the new Level 7 gag reward. Upon picking from the tree, you will only receive one gag, even if you can carry two.
• Tweaked text to fix errors in ToonTask dialogue and other miscellaneous parts of the game.
• Fixed a bug where certain NPCs may not give the hint for their ToonTasks with a "Find" objective.
• Fixed an issue where Toons could be found dancing indefinitely after leaving a building that was later defeated.
• Addressed an issue where sneaky players could enter a building as it was being taken over by a Cog, causing some strange issues. It's far too dangerous in there!
• Fixed a rare case where Cogs could ignore Toons when walking into them.
• Addressed a performance hitch when entering Pick-a-Toon on first login.
• Fixed a bug that made toons infinitely spin in Toon Escape, making the trolley game unplayable.
• Fixed an issue that caused the camera FOV to reset when looking up or down.
• Fixed an uncommon crash that occurred in dynamic zones, such as Cog facilities and Toon parties.
• Fixed some miscellaneous memory leaks.