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September 2, 2017 [ttr-live-v2.0.3]

• Fixed a server crash caused by old Toons who were created before the "Last Seen" field was added. We're glad to have you long-timers back!
• Our internal infrastructure has received a lot of maintenance in order to handle the massive load that the v2.0 update has brought. On the down side, this load has brought about several server issues that prevent people from entering due to the amount of people trying to log in at any given time. On the bright side, this means there are a lot of people coming to play Toontown, so much that we needed to upgrade our servers in order to handle them! We will continue to work around the clock to fix any further issues that arise, and to provide you with the best gameplay experience as quickly as possible.
• Applied several potential fixes to stabilize the authentication server. Thank you so much for your patience as we work and adjust the game to handle this large capacity!

• The "Cancel" button on prompts for SpeedChat-only Districts will no longer take you to the District.
• An icon is now displayed for Safe Districts, which are protected from Mega-Invasions and other events that interrupt standard gameplay (Such as Goofy Speedway's Grand Opening Week).

• Fixed an issue causing leaderboards not to update correctly.
• Fixed an issue causing some trophies to display before they were earned.
• Patched a district reset relating to trophy calculation.
• Tickets and deposits are now properly rewarded for Grand Prix races. Sorry to those who lost their winnings!

• Patched several district resets relating to Party Planning.
• Patched a district reset caused by the Tug-o-War game.
• Fixed an issue allowing Toons to join Team Activities with more than 4 players per team.

• Patched a district reset relating to Cog Battles.