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July 17, 2016 [ttr-beta-v1.12.1]

• Mac and Linux versions of the game are now working again. Thank you for your patience with this engine update!
• Various code cleanup and optimization to prepare for future releases.

• Fix an engine issue when reaching the final round of the C.E.O.
• Fix a crash relating to gardening.
• Fix a crash relating to gifting.
• Fix a long-standing bug where the phone was impossible to access until moving it at your estate.
• Fix an issue with teleporting to estates from another district.
• Fix a crash in DA Offices when attempting to solve a laser puzzle.
• Fix the particle effect when receiving a new gag or gardening item.
• Fix an issue where gag trees could not be harvested.
• Improve client side performance in Bossbot HQ.

• You can now press F10 to take a screenshot that includes debug information. This is useful when sending them to our support!

Known Bugs:
• Some players may experience crashes relating to audio on Macs. As a temporary solution, disable music and sound effects in the game settings to play without issue.
• Reports have come in that golf balls aren't doing a very good job at slowing down the C.E.O. -- we suggest sticking to the tables until the issue is resolved!