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October 28, 2013 [ttr-alpha-g3c36596]


? Engine Upgrades - We're now running Panda3D v1.8.1!

? Rewrote Nametags for optimization and engine compatibility. This is a work in progress, so please excuse the messy looking tags.

? Implemented new loading system via DNA parsing - also work in progress.

? Safeguarded the client against malicious code injection (No more hackers!)

? Logs and screenshots are now stored in their respective folders to eliminate clutter

? Dropped MIDI music format for OGG. This is to plan to support Linux later in development.

? Scrubbed and polished gears to increase overall security and stability


? Basic Gameplay - You can create toons, chat, and play the Maze Game.

? Converted Toontown Central to the new loading method (Other areas will soon follow!)

? Added native 16:9 support (No more stretching when you maximize your game!)

? Recreated a few minor textures for HD and 16:9 support.

? Added more clothing to Make-a-Toon

? Added more chat bubble colors: What other colors do you want to see?

? Implemented new cartoon-themed loading screen - work in progress