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April 1, 2022 [ttr-live-v4.1.22]

• Due to recent concerns regarding Gag accuracy, accuracy has been removed.
• Cogs Miss and Toons Hit have been renamed to Cogs Hit and Toons Miss.
• Cogs under the effect of Reinforced Plating can now be inflicted with negative damage, healing them.

Sellbot Field Offices
• In Sellbot Field Offices, the Boiler is now 2% more aggressive during the Offensive Phase.
• Likewise, the Boiler is now at least 1% more defensive during the Defensive Phase.
• Fired the Boiler for working outside of intended specifications.

• When using the Royal Residence, Toons can use the SpeedChat Phrase "Rapunzel, let down your hair!" to enter the secret top pillar.