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March 27, 2022 [ttr-live-v3.2.0]

• Made various fix-ups and preparations for the upcoming April Toons' Week Holiday.
• Fixed various crashes related to Boarding Groups.
• The "Resistance Salute" animation's text bubble now properly appears in your SpeedChat color of choice.
• In gardening, we fixed an issue that could lead to no shovel XP gained when picking flowers.
• Fixed an issue that was getting Toons "stuck" when moving furniture in Toon Estates.
• Using Animations in SpeedChat has been disabled in Sellbot Field Office mini-games. Sorry, no more sliding around in the Ice Game on your belly like a penguin!

• Version 2.0 Cogs have a new mechanic: Reinforced Plating. This blocks damage per-gag based on the level of the Cog.
• The Defense Up status effect now functions like the Reinforced Plating status effect, and it subtracts damage from Remote Controls.
• During Version 2.0 Mega-Invasions, only some Cog appearances will be Version 2.0.

Bossbot C.E.O. Battle
• There is now a mix of regular and Version 2.0 Cogs throughout the battle rounds.
• Adjusted the number of Cogs in the first battle round.
• Fixed up some camera angles to improve visibility.
• Made the banquet round slightly shorter.
• Adjusted the number of times you must serve a Cog before it explodes in the banquet round.
• Cogs in the banquet round will now take damage from oil cans and will keep said damage going into the second battle round if not defeated.
• If you let a Cog go angry in the banquet round, their health will reset back to full.
• In the final round, seltzer bottles now deal 6, 12, or 24 damage depending on strength.
• Decreased charge time of seltzer bottles.
• Toons can now Toon-Up others during the seltzer round by squirting them with their Seltzer bottle.
• Seltzer sprays now travel through Toons.
• Reorganize and Downsize have been integrated into the seltzer round more directly.
• Conveyor belt snacks heal more generously than before.
• After getting hit by a Boss Cog, Toons now temporarily gain invulnerability from other attacks.

Cog Golf Courses
• The three Cog Golf Courses now reward 1120, 3020, and 5120 Stock Options respectively.
• There is now one Version 2.0 Cog per floor in Cog Golf Courses.
• The final battle against the Club President features one additional Level 12 Version 2.0 Cog.