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Our Technical Toons are investigating reports from The Toontown Post Office of item gifting from the Catalog not working. While they consult with Postmaster Pete, regular catalog purchases will continue to work.

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November 14, 2022 [ttr-live-v3.6.1e]

• Added the new "Distant Chat Size" setting, which changes the size of distant nametags and chat bubbles. Check it out in the Options Menu!

Bugs n’ Blunders
• Fixed a crash caused by joining a Cog Building boarding group just as you exit its range. Get back over there and get in the elevator!
• Solved another most rare and mysterious boarding group crash. Samantha Spade herself had to track this one down.
• Fixed a crash when changing districts.
• Fixed an issue that caused some SpeedChat phrases to not work. Before you lose your voice again, the complimentary lozenges are on us!