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When you're running a competitive, online, multiplayer, interactive, ever-changing, Disney-inspired, Toon-themed game like Toontown Rewritten: There's always room to grow! That's why we want YOU: players, parents, and creative individuals of any sort who have the talent to help make Toontown the best it can be.

Interested in joining us? Check out any of our applications listed below.

Want to be notified when an inactive position re-opens? Send us an email to be added to the list to receive notifications when a position you're interested in re-opens.

Open Positions

We are currently on the hunt for new team members to fill these positions! If you have skills suiting any of these roles, we'd love to see your application!

Game Design
Quality Assurance

Inactive Positions

We're not hiring new team members for these roles at the moment. Any applications sent in for these positions may not be reviewed until the position re-opens. Please refer to the FAQ for more information, or send us an email to be notified when a position re-opens.

Community Engagement
Team Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Toontown Rewritten Team?

For years, Toontown Rewritten has been run by a team of passionate and creative volunteers who keep up with the many duties of running a MMO. Every single member of the team started out as a player who wanted to help Toontown in any way they could -- and if you're reading this page, we bet that you have the same vision. We are always searching for talent to expand our team, and make Toontown bigger and better every day!

Does the Toontown Rewritten Team get paid?

Toontown Rewritten is a volunteer effort. All expenses are paid out of pocket by team member donations to keep the game online, and no money is collected in any form from the players. Although the game is funded by the Toontown Rewritten Team, no team member is required to donate or pay for any sort of expenses. The game is funded entirely out of kindness!

Why should I join the Toontown Rewritten Team?

This is a question that all depends on you. As a parent, you may want to provide Moderation or Support in your free time while your kids play the game. As a young adult, you may be searching for real world experience that can be put on your resume. As a player, you may be looking to do whatever you can to keep Toontown alive.

Our team has people from all of those categories and more. The work we do here at Toontown Rewritten has earned some of our team members high paying jobs, acceptance into competitive colleges, and a unique team experience which can be applied to almost any field of work. While our team members have extreme diversity when it comes to their walks of life, all share the same goal of aiming to restore Toontown.

Where does the Toontown Rewritten Team work?

All around the world! We work in an online environment with a number of tools that make communication easy for everyone, no matter where you are or what your time zone is.

How much time does working for the Toontown Rewritten Team take?

Working for Toontown Rewritten is time consuming, however you can place it into your schedule however you wish. Almost all of our team members have jobs, schoolwork, and often times both, which factors into the amount of time they can spend working on the game. We are extremely understanding of this, and will work with you to help with time management.

Are there any other positions available?

The only applications available are the ones listed above, however if you have another talent which you feel could benefit Toontown Rewritten, we certainly won't turn you down! Feel free to email us with a resume and any other information you can supply.