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Code of Conduct

Respect Other Toons!

Toontown Rewritten is a game for all ages, which means that foul language, cursing, and bullying are definitely not Toon Enough. Treat others how you want to be treated! Toontown is all about teamwork, so purposely attempting to make other Toons go sad or otherwise ruin another Toon's experience is not allowed.

Take It Easy!

Even if you don't agree with someone else's opinion, avoid being rude to them. Have good manners - after all, we're all in this battle together no matter how we play!

Chat With Care!

Trying to work your way around the chat or name approval system to say something mean is no way to play. If you have any word suggestions or questions about name approval, feel free to contact us.

Don't Be Annoying!

Any forms of spamming, harassment, or being a general "pain in the tookus" will often result in getting kicked or warned in the game. You wouldn't want someone annoying you!

Protect Your Privacy!

On the internet, nobody knows that you're not a Toon. Don't share any personal details about your stuff with others - especially your username, password, or phone number. If your friends ever ask, just give them a polite "Sorry, I can't."

Cheating Isn't Fun for Anyone!

Cheating or exploiting may seem fun in the moment, but it won't be fun if your account is banned. If it disrupts gameplay of others or provides an unfair advantage, don't do it. We'd much rather you report the exploit to us so that we can fix it!

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