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Storm Sellbot HQ: Send in Supplies!

Posted by Goofenshmirtz on August 1, 2015 03:00 PM

Great greetings to you! Ahaha, my name is Goofenshmirtz -- the fellow they put in charge of gathering the gags and goofy gears for our Toon Resistance Outpost. Those Mover and Shakers are stomping as some would call swiftly, but they've decreased in diversity -- and allowed us to initiate Phase Two of the startup: SEND IN SUPPLIES!

Tonight - yes, tonight in fact - a whole shipment of supplies will be slipping into Sellbot Headquarters for our big "Cogtastrophe" that we're going to cause. Careful that it doesn't stub your toes - those drop planes don't like to stop! Heh.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what MY role is. I'd be wondering if I were you too, because it's something pretty great: GAGS GALORE! If you're for a little, errr - "Just for Fun" during the operation, I've got quite a couple of missions for you. As for your reward - well, let's just say that we've got excess pies from cakes to slices, and I don't care who you throw them at as long as it's not me.

Now, while Lowden's original plan accounted for the operation to end on August 14th, the invasion has set us back. Luckily, I've packed enough supplies to keep Storm Sellbot going until August 21st -- nearly an entire month of Cog busting!

It's almost time for the Storm to start. See you on - well, soon!