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Team LHAAFBBHQ: Dreaming of Bossbots

Posted by Team LHAAFBBHQ Mission Update on February 24, 2015 01:00 PM

"This is the place." whispered Good ol' Gil Giggles, as hurriedly hushed as his mouth could manage while sneaking his way down the streets of Donald's Dreamland.

The newly-formed Team "LHAAFBBHQ" stood by his side as they approached the origin of their first mission: "Talking in Your Sleep: Voice Training" -- seemingly the most inconspicuous shop on the street.

The fearless four Toons stood and stared as their trainer, Resistance Ranger Gil Giggles, proceeded to move through a series of intricate and never-ending knocks on the door of the shop: The slip-knock, knock-off, triple-double-quad-knock, knick-knock, patty-lock, give the dog a bone...

"Look, Gil, it's not that I don't believe you - but I don't believe you." interrupted Colonel Violet, as Gil continued with his knee-knock, knock-clock, and - Ooh, you get the point.

"It does seem rather far-fetched for anything to be going on here... This is the shop of sweet little Whispering Willow." chimed in Silly Lily, whose tone was far from silly. "She surely wouldn't hurt a fl--"

It was at that very moment that Gil lost his concentration for an instance long enough that his bold attempt at the final cherry-axle-knock-with-a-banana-split was foiled by his thumb landing exactly two-seventeenths of a rake to the right of his targeted impact zone, which resulted in the entire door being slammed down on top of him by a short little duck - seltzer in hand - whose name ever-so-happened to be that of "Whispering Willow" who surely wouldn't hurt a fly.

...She would, however, hurt any who attempted to infiltrate her Toon Resistance Outpost by messing up the final cherry-axle-knock-with-a-banana-split.

"Uhh. Hiya," Gil gulped, a second away from receiving seltzer as he said the secret phrase: "Would you like some help?"