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ToonFest: We're Not Done Yet!

Posted by Riggy Marole on October 22, 2016 02:00 PM

Boy o' boy, is it the 22nd already? We ain't even got half of the stuff to ya's! Oof, I knew I should have hired my own contractors instead of relying on those Toon Troopers. "Safety Inspections" are only a recommendation, I keep telling 'em!

Anyhoo, we got ourselves a problem if these events aren't out yet. I certainly didn't expect those elves to run into so many issues! So here's the plan, folks: I think it's one you'll enjoy.

To apologimize for the dastardly delays of deese little delights, I'm calling off any end date for ToonFest. That's right -- this party is officially unstoppable. We're going to get every single one of these planned activities out to ya, if my name ain't Rigmund Q. Marole!

ToonFest still has new items, new activities, and of course ME left for the pot of features, and the event won't be closing until a little ways after all of those features are out in the wild open!

Apologies once again for the delays - let me tell you, this is the last time I get any quality control checking on my attractions HAH! I've got too many ToonFest tokens for this malarkey. Keep your ears perked up for news on the remaining ToonFest releases and the upcoming Spooktown Halloween Celebration!