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The Silly Spotlight: Slappy

Posted by Sir Max on February 2, 2016 12:00 PM

We haven't talked about Slappy much ever since... Doomsday. You know. The day that the Cogs invaded our town. But there's plenty of new Toons though who hardly know the fellow. Who is Slappy, you ask? We're back for another issue of The Silly Spotlight to tell you all about him!

Flippy's Foe

Back when Toontown was founded, things were simple. There were very few residents, and the town could live in peace. Mayor Mickey decided, however, that it was best to hold an election between the two most "Toon Enough" Toons he knew: Flippy Doggenbottom and Slappy Quackintosh.

Don't let that headline fool you -- although Slappy was Flippy's foe, they were great pals. While Flippy used Pies and Fireworks to woo the town, Slappy used Jellybeans and Hot Air Balloons. He even turned Toons into Polar Bears on Christmas!

Flippy was the underdog of the election, quite literally, due to Slappy's charisma and even higher Laff points than Flippy. (Back then, he had the highest around -- which was only 42! Ha!)

The Rightful Ruler

The official Toon Council Presidential Election between Flippy and Slappy was hosted by Alec Tinn, where all Toons could put their vote on who they wanted as President. You may think that Flippy won, since he is our current President, but... It was actually Slappy.

Slappy won the vote by just a few hundred more than Flippy, but just as the celebration begun, something unexpected happened. A robot flew down from the sky, dressed in a fancy suit with a big smile. A Yesman. Slappy didn't know what was happening -- no one did -- and he went sad in Toontown Central. We haven't seen him since.

Searching for Slappy

Flippy was able to stop the Yesman with one of his prized pies -- which made him the one to discover the Cog's weakness. The invasion only grew larger from there, but we were able to fight them back so that no Cog will ever enter the playground again. Flippy won the Presidency by default, but only accepted it reluctantly.

It was during the first Toon Council meeting that Lord Lowden Clear arrived, showing off his Cog Disguise and Cog battling tactics. He said that he had no idea where to even begin looking for Slappy... But Doctor Surlee, however, had a couple of ideas.

The hunt is on, Toons, and it has been ever since his disappearance. The Cogs may have taken the rightful ruler of Toontown, but trust me, Flippy has been searching for Slappy ever since.