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The Legal Grey Area

Posted by Professor Prepostera on November 24, 2015 11:00 AM

I say, good day to you fellow Toons! My, my, my, it has been quite nearly two years since I've last reported on my findings of an ongoing research project of mine at Loony Labs titled The Grey. But the phenomena's study has made progress!

Let us begin the discussion at hand with some background information. You see, despite the natural creative lacking of The Grey, Toons have used it more increasingly to a much more creative advantage. Especially, much to my intrigue, in Lawbot Headquarters.

In Cog facilities, many Toons have discovered areas that can be reached through the Grey to completely bypass the Cog security that lies there. An OUTSTANDING creative approach, I might add! A pesky one too, however.

As more and more Toons have abused the antisillions and glitchinitives for their advantage, the Cogs have begun patching the leaks in their facilities to counter this effort. Likewise, the Toon Resistance Rangers have been reporting increased Cog outputs due to our lack of defeating them. Luckily, brand new methods of escape have been found in some of the factories to help those who used the glitches as an alternative to solving certain puzzles!

The Grey's true nature still remains unknown, but the progress being made leads us closer to a discovery. Perhaps we'll have an answer soon enough -- or in another two years, HAH heh! Heeeeh.

Now, back to my research. Be careful as you traverse the facilities, my friends - the Toon Resistance reports that these Cog counter-measures shall be rolled out in the coming days.

November 24, 2015 [ttr-beta-v1.10.10]

• Fix glitches in the Cashbot Mint and Lawbot DA offices that allowed players to skip battles and puzzles.
• Fix a few visual glitches relating to Toon eyes.
• Fix an issue where nametags and shadows may disappear in Cog Golf Courses.
• It is now easier to see Toon speech during Boss Battles.

• Collisions have been slightly tweaked for better gameplay.
• Implement new means of escape! To make sure no Toon gets left behind, some obstacles now have a timer that will reveal a shortcut when it hits zero. You won't get left behind if you can't complete a puzzle, but you may lose some Laff and a few rewards.