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Mr. Hollywood Mega-Invasion Weekend

Posted by Toon HQ on May 20, 2016 02:00 PM

Mr. Hollywoods are taking over Toontown!!!

Lights, camera, ACTION! The yearly Mr. Hollywood invasion is upon us. These high-level Cogs are swooping down to the streets of Toontown with excessive glamour and a smile so extravagant that some Toons may not even be able to resist his selling tactics.

Luckily, we've managed to identify a few of the Cog's weaknesses. That smile may be big, but it doesn't do them much good without a laugh! A good cake will muck up those shiny teeth and get him cracking up for sure. The Hollywoods don't keep their eyes closed out of style, after all -- it's because their shiny teeth are so blinding!

We've managed to secure a few safe areas throughout Toontown from the invasion:

As always, Mega-Invasions mean DOUBLE experience points for all Toons who help fight back the Mr. Hollywood menace.

Our specially-trained probability predictors presume that this invasion will last all weekend long, so keep your friends close and your pies closer!