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May 24 - 26, 2024 | GalaxyCon | Oklahoma City Convention Center

It's a fan fair full of fun!

Our first and largest event of this year, ToonFest: The Great Fanfair, will take place over Memorial Day Weekend at the Oklahoma City Convention Center from May 24-26, 2024! Get ready for a TOONTASTIC 3-day event packed with non-stop Toontown fun for Toons just like YOU!

A ticket to GalaxyCon Oklahoma City not only gets you access to ToonFest, but a whole festival full of celebrities, celebrities, artists, writers, voice actors, cosplayers, entertainers, creators, wrestlers, fan groups, panelists, and people like YOU! Want to hear the best part, parents? Kids under nine years old can join in the fun for FREE!

Step right up to the biggest event in the tooniverse!

In an online community over 20 years old (wow!), there's no time like the present to meet up with other like-minded Toons! Whether you’ve just made it to Toontown Central or are staring down the depths of a Sellbot Field Office, EVERYONE is invited to come in-person, make friends, and immerse yourself in all things Toontown!

Play with Toons like you!

We’ve got a full Cattlelog of activities planned for YOU! Attend panels and presentations, take part in games and events, win exclusive awards, get free merch, ask your burning questions, collect Resistance stamps, and, of course, play Toontown Rewritten! There’s plenty to fill out all three days of convention chaos – surely to be a ToonFest like no other!

Meet the creators of Toontown Online

Our volunteers from all departments all over the world are happy to set up and run ToonFest for all! Now’s your chance to see just what makes us tick… not any gears, though, of course. Ask questions, grab an autograph, or even just chat – we’re here to ensure you have the most fun possible! On top of that, you can expect to hear from some special guests… Original developers of Toontown Online are slated to make an appearance, providing their own special insight and tidbits about way back when!

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Announcements About the Future of Toontown

While we’re celebrating two decades of Toontown history, we believe there are many more amazing years to come! Toontown’s future belongs to everyone in the community – and we’re beyond excited to give everyone a peek behind the curtain and encourage early feedback.

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Q&A with the Toontown Team

Step up to the microphone and ask the Toontown Team ANY question you desire! We’ll be around all weekend to answer questions, but we know some inquiries are meant for the stage. That’s why we’re assembling a panel of knowledgeable Toontown Team members from a variety of disciplines to answer your burning questions!

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Toontown Pie Toss

It’s time to make like a Toon and SPLAT with the most iconic gag in the history of hilarity. Gather round to live life as a Toon and whip cream pies at select Toontown Team members! Whipped cream and paper plates will be provided so that attendees can make a mess that no Cog would be able to withstand.

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The most prestigious award show in the Tooniverse, the TOONYs is a community cosplay, art, and video contest that highlights the best creative works that Toontown has to offer. More information on how to participate will be released soon so stay TOONed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ToonFest?

ToonFest at GalaxyCon is Toontown’s real-world convention – celebrating all that makes Toontown special! It’s an event meant for kids and adults alike, bringing us together to celebrate the town we hold so dear to our hearts. There’s a whole website just above this FAQ question with the details – so definitely check that out if you haven’t already.

When is ToonFest?

ToonFest 2024 takes place at GalaxyCon, Oklahoma City. The convention center opens on May 24 at 2pm with the Exhibition Hall closing at 8pm. Subsequent days open at 10am. GalaxyCon Exhibitions end May 26 at 6pm.

Can I bring my own laptop to ToonFest?

You betcha! While we’ll be providing our own laptops to freely play Toontown on, players with their own laptops will be able to get set-up in our game station area. Note that while we’ll be providing the space, we may not be able to accommodate all set-ups or diagnose all technical issues you may run into when not using our provided systems.

Is ToonFest safe for my family?

Yes! GalaxyCon enforces zero-tolerance policies designed to keep everyone safe. Security personnel will be on-site. COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are of course recommended. Check out the aforementioned GalaxyCon Safety Policy here.

Where can I stay while attending ToonFest?

Some nearby accommodations include Omni Oklahoma City and Fairfield Inns & Suites. Toontown Rewritten does not specifically promote these hotels; they are simply in close proximity to GalaxyCon.

What else is there to do?

Why not make your trip to Oklahoma City a vacation? There’s lots to do at GalaxyCon – you can see their full schedule and floorplan here when it’s released. Otherwise, we’ve listed some population attractions in Oklahoma City above!

Where do I go from Will Rogers World Airport?

Shuttles, buses, taxis, and ride-hailing services are available to transport you from the airport to GalaxyCon. Check out transportation options (as well as any other flight concerns) at the Fly OKC website.

Can ToonFest come to my city?

We always keep an open mind for the convention we believe best serves ToonFest and Toontown at large! One of the reasons we chose GalaxyCon is because of their numerous events taking place throughout the United States. This will present opportunities in the future for ToonFest to be closer and accessible to even more members of the community!

What is the 'Toon Enough' bundle?

The bundle is a V.I.P. package that can be purchased at GalaxyCon which includes some additional merch. This bundle is offered by and is purchased through GalaxyCon – Toontown Rewritten is not responsible for it and is in no way receiving money through it.

I’ve got another question that isn’t answered here!

Great! Feel free to send us an email at support@toontownrewritten.com. For convention-related questions, check out GalaxyCon’s FAQ.