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Our Technical Toons are investigating reports from The Toontown Post Office of item gifting from the Catalog not working. While they consult with Postmaster Pete, regular catalog purchases will continue to work.

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February 2, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.3.4]

• Increased game stability when moving from one area to another. If you're still crashing while moving through tunnels or doors, please let us know by emailing support@toontownrewritten.com.
• Adjusted "Enter Code" box in the Shtickerbook to ensure that longer codes can be entered.
• Fixed an obscure grammar issue in the Bossbot Cog Suit ToonTask line.
• Boarding Group confirmation prompts will no longer be stuck on the screen.

Winter Laff-o-Lympics
• Implemented the 2019 Winter Laff-o-Lympics prizes. If you participated, your prizes will be distributed throughout the day.
• The all-new "Frostbite" Name Tag is available to all 2019 Winter Laff-o-Lympics participants who placed in Gold!

Cog Battles
• Addressed an issue that could cause Cog Battles to momentarily freeze when a new Toon or Cog joined the battle.

• Fixed a longstanding transparency issue with the Party Gate in every Playground.
• Adjusted the street signs in Donald's Dreamland to use a unique purple border.
• Altered various textures throughout the game to fix minor visual seams and clipping.

• Attempting to purchase a new nametag will now warn you that your current one will need to be re-purchased in the Cattlelog.