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Toontown Rewritten will be closing for maintenance on June 23rd, 2024 at 7:00AM TTT. The maintenance is expected to last 20 minutes.

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April 1, 2024 [ttr-live-v4.]

Under Old Management
• Zoo wee mama! The Foreman, Auditor, Clerk, and Club President all quit their jobs before their orientation could even be completed! As such, all Cog facilities have ceased to function and no Cog Disguise progress can be made ever again.

Bench Gaming
• Added Bench Disguises to replace the now-obsolete Cog Disguises!
• See the Bench Disguise Schticker Book Page (formerly the Cog Disguise page) to start collecting the boards, legs, and screws necessary to build YOUR Bench Disguise.
• Collect Benchbucks and fight the Chief Bench Officer!
• Are YOU Bench enough?
• Added the ability to upgrade your Bench Disguise into an Ice Desk Disguise.
• Bench doesn’t even look like a real word anymore. Is it just me? Bench, bench, bench.

Gag Unbalancing
• Healing Remotes now heal Cogs each turn.
• Elephant Trunks now have a 0.1% chance to turn into a whole elephant.
• Hypno Goggles can now be used to make someone fall in love with you… don’t tell the Genie!
• The only way to undo this effect is to plant a Summer’s Last Rose and let it die, let it die, let it shrivel up and-
• C’mon, who’s with me? Organic Squirt is now meta with a 77% boost.
• What does that even mean? Beats me! Running over Banana Peels in Goofy Speedway might restock your Banana Peel Gag now, I dunno.

• The Doodles sure are getting tired of all this rounding up. Oh no… they’re coming. They’re coming for me. I can’t stop them.
• Are YOU Bench enough?