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March 29, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.1.5]

• Miscellaneous engine updates have been made to increase game stability.
• Improved performance in areas with lots of Cogs walking around, such as Cog HQs.
• Updated the SpeedChat+ whitelist with new community requests.

• Balanced Deer sound effects to blend better with other Toon Species.

• Fixed a visual bug with the Toon HQ periscope when experimental "smooth-frames" feature is activated in the config.

• Toontown Central fire hydrants now have a new default pose.
• Replaced several old trash cans with new ones marked for recycling.
• Building colors have been adjusted to reflect their appearance in Toontown Online.
• Fixed a visual bug relating to building windows.

Toon Parties
• General stability improvements related to Toon Parties.
• Fixed a server crash caused by having too many parties in your calendar history.

• Fixed an issue for Toons affected by a bug with racing trophies, causing them to have an extra or missing Laff point.

• Implement preparations for upcoming April Toons Week event.
• Silly Particles have spread around Toontown! Collect them and turn them into Doctor Surlee for jellybeans.
• Professor Prepostera has a new unlockable ToonTask with brand new gameplay! Keep your eyes peeled for his appearance.
• Samantha Spade has put on her best detective trench coat to get to the bottom of this Silly Particle mystery!
• There's more to this update than meets the eye... Good luck!