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April 24, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.8.2a]

• Implemented a "High Contrast Nametags" accessibility option! This darkens the foreground of all name tags.

Cog Facilities
• Various Sound Effects in the Sellbot Factory are now properly considered Ambient Sound Effects in the Options Menu.

Content Packs
• We are intending to remove the True Friends button in a future game update. While we're not shipping this change right now, we're giving Content Pack creators time to prepare.
• To remove the True Friends button from your Content Pack, update all of your Toon Panel related assets to accommodate the lack of the button using the art assets provided at toon.town/truefriends. Then, create an empty file called "noTrueFriends.ttr" in the root of your phase_3 folder to test the changes in-game.
• More customization has been added for music across the game! To see all of the new changes, check out https://toon.town/activitymusic in your web browser.
• Added the ability for Content Packs to specify battle music for the inside of Cog Facilities, alongside some cleanup to repeated tracks in Boss Battles. To see the updated guide to Battle Music, check out https://toon.town/updatedbattlemusic in your web browser.

On the jukebox, the Toontown Rewritten Theme has a more accurate song ending point.