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November 16, 2013 [ttr-alpha-gdc87065]


? Tweaks to administrative features

? Major Update: Our new loading system is now complete.
This is a HUGE step in the Alpha process. There are only two more major hurdles that we have to conquer throughout Alpha development: Estates and Battles.


? Fix Ice Slide's background flickering through the playing area

? Fix odd Toon HQ door flickering

? Re-add default emotions. Sorry about that!

? Tons of fixes to The Grey leaking into Toontown:

? Wide(er)screen support for Make-a-Toon

? Wide(er)screen support for Loading Screens

? Prevent the Grey from leaking in below the clouds in Robot Thief

? Draw the Jungle of Jungle Vines in leaking Grey Zones

? Actually fix the Grey in the name approval background


? We've tossed the construction sign into the wood chipper: Punchline Place is now open! Head on over to Toontown's first new neighborhood: Donald's Dock.

? Implement Photo Fun

? Minor Whitelist updates to add some community names

? Open the doors of the first Toon HQ. This is a proud day for Toontown.

? Free Ice Cream! In celebration of this major update, Ice Cream has been spread around Toontown Central.