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August 24, 2023 [ttr-live-v3.8.6]

• Panda3D, the technology that powers Toontown, has been updated!
• Fixed an issue with "sticky collisions" related to Panda3D.
• Patched up an issue that could lead to doubled inputs on Linux.

• Toontown Rewritten is now a Universal App! Whether you've got an Intel-based Mac or a newer Apple Silicon Mac, you'll get the best Toontown experience.
• Thanks to being a native application, we've reduced CPU usage on Apple Silicon Macs by 20-30 percent. Snappier than ever!
• Toontown Rewritten can now be made Retina-aware! On by default, this allows you to use the full resolution of your Mac's Retina Display.
• On MacBooks with ProMotion display technology, Toontown will now run at up to 120fps. Silky smooth!
• To fix a long-standing visual issue, we've set the limit of MSAA at 4x on all Macs. Still plenty sharp!
• Addressed a rare crash related to audio on macOS. This was most frequently seen in the Boiler Boss Battle.