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Our Technical Toons are investigating reports from The Toontown Post Office of item gifting from the Catalog not working. While they consult with Postmaster Pete, regular catalog purchases will continue to work.

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January 1, 2023 [ttr-live-v3.6.4]

Toon HQ Takeover
• The New Year's Toon HQ Takeover is a go!
• This is the first of many Toon HQ Takeovers, and a final goodbye to the New Year's Top Toons Marathon.
• Defeat as many Cogs as you can in the next week, and contribute to the Gag-O-Meter's tally.
• Check out the full details at toon.town/toonhq!
• Made internal preparations for rewarding event prizes.

• Status banners will now be displayed on the title screen. Neat!
• Restored some words to the Toontown Dictionary that were temporarily removed. Sorry about that!
• The Caller-Hauler has been added to the January/February Cattlelog season.

Bugs 'n Blunders
• Re-enabled memory saving measures from v3.6.3 that were temporarily disabled.
• Patched up a client crash in Pick-a-Name when a name was automatically rejected.
• Addressed some shenanigans around entering Boss Cog Lobbies incorrectly.
• Fixed an issue with throwables introduced in a previous release.