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May 10, 2015 [ttr-beta-v1.9.1]

• Activate the tunnel between Chip n' Dale's Minigolf and Bossbot Headquarters.
• You will now rotate if you jump on the spinning gears near the BBHQ Oil Fountain. Watch out for the Cog's sticky oil, though!

• Lowered Laff requirements for the Middle Six and Back Nine.
• Reduced the number of Cogs roaming the Bossbot Courtyard.
• Lowered the maximum number of Toons in a District at once for more diversity.
• Added minor graphical improvements to Bossbot HQ.
• Version 2.0 status is now displayed in the Battle GUI.
• Added a 4K resolution option to the Shtiker Book!
• Add sound effects to Bossbot Headquarters.
• Mata Hairy and Good Ol' Gil Giggles now have their proper look.

• Fix the incorrect message being displayed to Toons who try to enter the CEO Lobby without their Bossbot Cog Disguise.
• Fix misaligned "Executive Office Tower" sign.
• Fix the Oil Fountain not causing damage to Toons who jump in it.
• Experimental fix for Cog Golf Course/District Attorney's Office/Cashbot Mint crashes.
• Fix a bug where Bossbot Headquarters would remain loaded even after a Toon has left.
• Fix a crash relating to the Acorn Acres picnic/game tables.