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June 8, 2024 [ttr-live-v4.0.2]

Sellbot Factory
• Adjusted Merit payout in the Sellbot Factory:
• Sliced The Factory Foreman’s Merit bonus in half. He’s cutting costs!
• Stationed a new group of Cogs in the Lava Room Foyer for extra security.
• Snuck a fourth Cog into the Oil Room.
• Additionally, slowed the rotation speed of the Lava Room gears in the Steel Factory for accessibility.
• Changed the Sound Restock Barrel in the Lava Room to grant Foghorns, exclusively in the Steel Factory.
• Sellbot Factory doors now open a teeny bit quicker. Optimization!

Cashbot Mint
• Moved the spinning gear tower found in Cashbot Mints closer to the exit and slowed rotation speed for accessibility.

Lawbot Headquarters
• Fixed a possible crash when leaving the DA Office Lobby.

Bossbot Headquarters
• Implemented a new portcullis gate sound effect.
• The C.E.O. has finally received the memo that The Back Nine is no more, to stop mentioning it, and to also fix his grammar during the Waiter Round. Sounds like someone’s getting fired!
• Reverted the rate of v2.0 Cogs found in the Banquet Room from 50% to 33%.
• Added custom countdown durations to the Waiter Round, depending on the difficulty tier. Each tier yields an extra 15 seconds from the base countdown of 270 seconds. A maximum-difficulty C.E.O. Battle yields a countdown of 330 seconds.

Bugs n’ Blunders
• Added missing dialogue lines for the “Flood The Market” attack.
• Fixed an issue where Supervisor Rare Drop data was not properly accounting for v2.0 Cog Disguise status or a given Cog Facility’s difficulty. These values have been updated for all Toons. Happy hunting, for real this time!