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March 10, 2019 [ttr-live-v2.4.1]

• Keep sending us your Silly Meter feedback! This update addresses a number of issues brought up to us by the community, and we have even more adjustments and bugfixes coming soon in future updates.
• Added a new setting for Vertical Synchronization (V-Sync) in the "Video" tab of the Options Panel. When enabled, the game's maximum frame rate will be set to to whatever is supported by your display in order to prevent a visual bug called screen tearing. This setting is enabled by default.

Silly Meter
• Fixed a typo in the "Overjoyed Laff Meters" SpeedChat phrase, which referred to it as the scrapped name "Overlaff."
• Improved formatting of large numbers on the Silly Stats page.
• Added a scroll bar to the Silly Stats page to prevent stats from overflowing off the page.
• Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze when starting the Silly Reader tutorial.
• Fixed a bug causing Silly Points from battle bonuses to be blown extraordinarily out of proportion.
• Adjusted balance of the Cogs' impact on Silly Points.

• Fixed a bug causing FPS drop when collecting treasures in the Maze Game.

• Temporarily disable dynamic street signs to prevent crashing on some Windows machines.
• Slightly boosted the volume and listening radius of animated objects.

• Fixed a bug causing animated objects to help in battle before the amount of Global Silly Points needed to wake them had been reached.

• Fixed an occasional visual bug with Cog explosion animation.

• Fixed a commonly abused bug with the mailbox allowing Toons to bypass collisions.