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January 11, 2014 [ttr-alpha-geb281eb]

• Whitelist update to add a few new popular words
• Add new administrative features, as well as restricting a few spells that we had too much fun with.
• Remove a few calls to ToonTasks until they are implemented.
• Major backend architecture changes to prepare for upcoming updates. (We needed to clean up our mess before making a new one!)

• Stop the Toon Detail Panel from going into a strange position when playing in widescreen.
• Fix a crash when entering Silly Street

• Widescreen support for the Teleport Panel, among other small things we missed
• Updated the Pick-A-Toon screen graphic to look slightly better
• Toon T.A.G.S. Update!

• Never forget who your real friends are! You can now send friend requests to toons.
• Implement whispers to show when a friend comes online or logs off.
• Implement teleporting and whispering to friends. NOTE: Whispering is currently SpeedChat only.

• Removed Disney's 50 friend limit for alpha only. This limit will be added back in the future, but will be expanded to 75 or 100.