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September 19, 2017 [ttr-live-v2.0.4]

• Improved server performance to handle higher player load.
• Updated server engine with performance and stability improvements.

• Updated Deer and Crocodile sounds to blend better with other animal sound effects.
• Fixed a bug causing Toon eyes to disappear in some scenarios, such as by wearing the Dork Glasses.
• Fixed a few bugs with the game's dynamic theme song.

• Implemented "Super Safe Districts", which disallow Invasion Summoning. These districts are still susceptible to random invasions!
• Weekly events have been turned off in Safe Districts for those who want to avoid Bingo, Trolley Tracks, or the Grand Prix.
• Add a confirmation prompt when trying to teleport to Welcome Valley.
• Changed layout of district page to be more informative and less cluttered.
• Fixed a crash related to Welcome Valley.

• ToonFest 2017 is here! Head over to the event tunnel in Acorn Acres to join the party, or click on the red icon next to your friends list.
• Fixed a number of bugs left over from last year's ToonFest.
• The ToonFest tunnel will automatically open and close when the event starts and ends, allowing the event to start without an update in the future.
• Unlike last year, the doors of the ToonFest Tower are already open! You can start buying those unique items as soon as you have tokens in your jar, rather than waiting for it to unlock. Keep your eyes peeled for new ways to earn tokens as the event continues.

• Improved general stability of Toon Parties.

• Improved general stability of racing.
• The leaderboard now shows some of Goofy's personal records to try and beat, rather than an empty list when the top 10 hasn't been filled.
• Fixed a bug causing leaderboards to show an incorrect time for some records.
• Grand Prix races should now give out the proper amount of tickets.
• Improved Grand Prix bonus ticket calculation to account for disconnected racers.
• Fixed a crash caused by racers taking too long to finish a race.
• Fixed a bug causing Racing Trophies to be calculated incorrectly.

• Increased the spawn rate of Cogs in all playgrounds but Toontown Central. Give us feedback to let us know if this new spawn rate is too much, or too little!
• v2.0 or Skelecog Mega-Invasions now contain "waves" of Cogs, resulting in a different type of Cog invading every few hours.
• Fixed a bug causing Cogs to appear invisible on rare occasion during battle.

• Extend the timer of the Diving Game by 10 seconds to allow Toons to collect up to three treasures.
• Fixed a few visual bugs in Donald's Dreamland.

• Fully bloomed flowers can now be picked without an additional confirmation prompt. Pick those flowers as fast as the wind!
• Fixed a district reset related to the Cattlelog.
• Removed duplicate accessories from the Cattlelog.