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September 1, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.2.1]

• Fixed a bug allowing Toons to press the button to teleport to a District that they're already in.
• Fixed a typo in Loony Louis’s ToonTask dialogue. Let us know if you see any other typos in task messages!
• Fixed one of the most commonly reported crashes, which occurred when entering a new area.
• You can now adjust the level of detail (LOD) by adding "lod-distance" in your settings.json file. Setting this to higher values will make Toons higher quality from a distance! 0 is the current default, and you can try 1 or 2 for longer distances.

• Improved various Toon animation based on community feedback. Thanks for the bug reports!
• Toon heads will now smoothly transition forward when falling asleep.
• Shadows will now squash and stretch with certain Toon animation, just like they used to in the earlier days of Toontown Online!
• Fixed a bug from our Rerigged project that caused Toon pupils to appear pixelated.
• Converted all Toon species heads to our internal Rerigged pipeline with miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.

• Just as we did last month for Toons, we have moved the Cogs over to our brand new rigging system. This allows for us to create new Cog animation in the future.
• Made various fixes and enhancements to Cog and Skelecog appearances.
• Updated the Mover and Shakers’ attacks with a better shaking effect during battle.

• We've heard your feedback and reversed the anti-macro changes made to Doodle training that were unintentionally bothering fair players. Please be aware though, that using bots or macros to play the game for you is still not allowed by our Terms of Service!

• Adjusted the size of the Polar Place sign on the tunnel in The Brrrgh.
• Add new underwater music for Donald's Dock and Acorn Acres. Let us know what other areas of the game you'd like to see new music!

Cog HQ
• Helped prevent accidental teleporting with a new prompt that appears when teleporting out of Cog Facilities.
• Adjusted Sellbot HQ spawn locations to fix issues with appearing in the ground.
• Fixed a visual bug when unlocking Sellbot Factory doors.
• Fixed an issue causing the barrel collect sound to play repeatedly when re-entering a room.
• When grabbing a jellybean barrel in a Cog Facility, you’ll now be shown how many beans you collected.
• Grabbing a gag barrel will play a unique sound depending on the type of gag being received.

• Added various preparations for the upcoming ToonFest event on September 19. Stay TOONed!
• Added new SpeedChat phrases that will be active during the event.
• Decreased the volume of the "Hype Train" interactive furniture prize.