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December 18, 2017 [ttr-live-2.1.0]

• Updated the game engine with various bugfixes.
• Fixed a visual bug causing a white tint when playing in full screen with some Nvidia Graphics Cards.
• Added support for 1920x1200 screen resolution.
• Implemented support for more advanced interactive walking NPCs, currently used for the Winter Holiday Snowtoons. Let us know if you like these NPCs and would like to see more like them!

• Fixed a typo when rewriting a Toon with a special color.

• Shopkeepers and HQ Officers now respond with special dialogue when attempting to turn in an incomplete ToonTask.
• Fixed a typo with Cog Building ToonTasks.

• Plan a Winter Holiday Party! Special decorations are available for a limited time.
• Fixed a server crash relating to the Tug-o-War activity.

• Fixed an issue with duplicate winter items appearing in the Cattlelog.
• Fixed a server crash relating to winter Cattlelog items.

• Fixed a longstanding bug preventing Windows users from hitting golf balls properly. Their physics-breaking shenanigans have been stopped!

Cog HQ
• Fixed a crash at the end of boss battles when eight Toons are present.

Winter Holiday Event
• It's snowing! This blizzard is set up to be Toontown's fiercest yet.
• Added new Winter Holiday music to all playgrounds.
• Implemented brand new Winter Caroling ToonTasks! These tasks phase out the old puzzle and add a brand new in-game scavenger hunt to earn your Snowman head. You can grab the task by talking to Snowman in Toontown Central.
• Added several hidden features yet to be revealed during the Twelve Days of Winter.