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October 12, 2023 [ttr-live-v3.10.2]

Toon Recolors
• Added a dash of permanent ink to various special Toon colors such as Cartoonival Blue - permanently adding them to your Toon’s color palette!
• Special color purchases have become Toon Recolors. This allows you to mix-and-match this special new color with your other colors!
• Once accepted from your mailbox, Toon Recolors are applied at the Pick-A-Toon screen like Rewrites and Renames.
• Any color in your palette is available for use in Toon Rewrites.
• Special colors include Cartoonival Blue, Cartoonival Pink, Spooky Purple, Black, and White. If any part of your Toon was one of these colors prior to this update, it will remain permanently in your palette.

Black Cat Day
• Booregard has transformed every Toon into a random Black Cat for Friday the 13th! Owoooo!!!
• Flippy, Kitty Marole, even Booregard themself - no Toon is spared from the Black Cats' Curse!
• To be spared from the Black Cats' Curse, speak to Booregard outside Toon Hall. You'll feel like yourself in no time.
• If you change your mind, just speak to Booregard to become a random Black Cat again.