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July 24, 2022 [ttr-live-v3.4.0]

• Added Steam Deck support, including support for its Game Mode. You can learn more at toon.town/steamdeck!
• Added experimental controller support!
• This is locked behind an experimental toggle in the Gameplay section of the Options Menu.
• Xbox controllers have been well tested, but there are issues with PlayStation and Nintendo controllers.
• Over time, we plan to add better support for various controllers and the ability to re-bind controller inputs.
• Currently, the right stick emulates mouse input. In the future, we plan to make adjustments to the GUI to allow proper selection with the face buttons.
• While most of the game is playable with a controller, certain activities are more awkward than others. This is planned to be addressed in a later update.
• To see the controller bindings, check out toon.town/controllers!

Sellbot Task Force
• The Resistance has discovered a stash of Jellybeans hidden away by the Sellbots...
• Just For Fun! ToonTasks have arrived in the Hideout! Once you've earned your Smasher Badge, these will be available from any Resistance Operator. Earn tons of jellybeans and even longer Cheesy Effects!
• Plus, there’s a repeatable Just For Fun! ToonTask that lets you revisit the final moments of the Smasher storyline. It rewards a solid chunk of beans to boot!
• The Resistance has installed additional cameras in the Hideout, adding new views to the G.I.M.M.I.C.K. -- check them out!
• Fixed various dialogue issues in ToonTasks.

• Added the Pronoun Picker! This feature lets you show your pronouns to everyone in your Toon Detail Panel.
• Toons will have no pronouns selected by default, but you can select up to three pronouns in the Options Menu.
• Cleaned up text formatting in the Toon Detail Panel.
• Cheesy Effect Just for Fun! ToonTasks no longer have restrictions to specific Playgrounds, such as an Invisible Toon effect from The Brrrgh only working while in The Brrrgh.
• Significantly increased the duration of Cheesy Effect Just for Fun! ToonTasks in lower-level Playgrounds.
• When reaching the end of the SpeedChat+ text box, you’ll hear and see an indicator that the box is full, rather than automatically sending the message.
• Thought bubbles will now properly persist between different areas.

Toon Estates
• Added floating treasures to the 48 Hours of Cannons minigame! This is based on incomplete code left in the game files.
• Further increased the storage limits for Furniture and Accessories.

• Anisotropic Filtering levels of game textures can now be adjusted in the Options Menu.
• Added a toggle to enable or disable mipmapping to the Options Menu.
• Implemented an even higher font quality, now called "Maximum" -- the previous Maximum is now listed as "Higher" in the Options Menu.
• Tweaked the colors of Toon T.A.G.S. to improve readability and appear more in line with Toontown Online.
• Addressed an issue that would occasionally cause Status Effect icons to not appear during battles.
• Tweaked the scaling of battle menus to look better in a 4:3 game window.
• Fixed a long-standing issue with Pink Slips that could cause the “Kapow!” text to clip behind the smoke cloud.
• Doctor Fumbdound has dound, er -- found, his missing glasses!

• Fixed a well-known issue with Windows 11 that caused frequent crashes.
• Improved Cog "chase" behavior in the Sellbot Factory. Run for your Laff!
• Fixed an issue where group attacks could miss against a group of all Lured Cogs in specific cases.
• Fixed a bug that locked Animation usage when entering a battle that ends before you can join.
• Improved networking reliability to address cases where Toons would appear to “jitter” through the world.
• Implemented several bug fixes to the Silly Meter and the Silly Reader Shticker Book page.
• Fixed some softlocks related to the Districts Shticker Book page.
• Cleaned up various bits of behind-the-scenes code.
• Fixed several client and server crashes throughout Toontown.