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December 10, 2016 [ttr-beta-v1.13.3]

• Minor changes to various cutscenes in the Toontorial for better player experience.
• HQ Harry has an improved cutscene in the Toontorial.
• Transparency for the ToonFest glasses has slightly changed.

• Various typo fixes and dialogue improvements throughout the game.
• Fix an exploit which allowed players to create a loud sound by spamming animations or SpeedChat phrases.
• Fix a bug that prevented players from clicking Tutorial Tom's speech bubbles in the Toontorial.
• Eliminate visual stuttering for the Toontorial Flunky.
• The Toontorial Battle no longer clips with the edge of the sidewalk.
• A number of Toontorial ToonTasks now properly zoom in to the NPC.
• Fixed lack of widescreen support for the "Make a Friend" ToonTask GUI.
• Street props will now always display in Toontown Central. A previous bug made them only appear after visiting a street.
• Fix a bug causing both Toon HQ doors to display arrows in the margins
• The final battle of the CEO now plays the correct music.
• Fix a bug which caused nametags to be unclickable during the final battle of the CEO.
• Fix a bug which caused the VP to stop moving after being ran into while stunned.