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February 26, 2018 [ttr-live-v2.1.4]

• Updated engine with various stability and performance improvements.
• The time has come! Audio should no longer cause the game to crash while playing on macOS. We’ll be turning both sound effects and music back on by default, so let us know how it goes! If issues continue, please contact us at support@toontownrewritten.com.
• Minimizing the game will no longer cause a crash.
• Fixed a crash related to enabling and disabling sound effects on all platforms.
• General fixes have been made to the way Intel Integrated Graphics are handled, which should lead to greatly improved visuals on low-end machines and laptops.

• Fixed longstanding bug which caused doors to flicker black when viewed at a distance.
• Doors will no longer slightly change color when opened.
• Fixed a bug causing the Party clock to not load one of its sounds properly.

• Players should now earn the correct amount of Laff points from racing trophies.

• Fixed crashes that occurred when removing some items from the mailbox.
• Added preventative measures to combat Doodle training bots and macros. We're looking into ways to improve Doodle training to eliminate the need in the first place!

• Fixed a crash relating to Toons blinking.
• Fixed a crash relating to Cog battles.
• Fixed various crashes related to the Maze Game, Treasure Dive, and Ice Slide.