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Our Technical Toons are investigating reports from The Toontown Post Office of item gifting from the Catalog not working. Working with Postmaster Pete, they are now draining districts to correct the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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February 6, 2022 [ttr-live-v3.1.0]

• When "Animation Smoothing" is enabled, various animations that did not get properly smoothed before now will be.
• Squashed a bug that would cause the Friends button to "stick" in the corner of the screen.
• Fixed an issue in the Chief Justice and C.E.O. battles that could cause certain dialogue to either appear cut-off or too small.
• Addressed a bug that got Toons stuck when trying to enter a building as a Cog is taking it over.
• Moved a couple of misplaced props on Pajama Place and Elm Street.
• Adjusted a Cog path near the Sellbot Factory Front Entrance to prevent Toons from accidentally entering battles.
• Addressed typos in certain lines of dialogue.
• Fixed several client crashes across Toontown.

• Sped-up the animations of Restock, Toons Hit, and Cogs Miss SOS cards.
• In the SOS card menu, there is now an option to filter by "Other" for certain types of cards.
• The rounds left indicator for Lure Gags is now more consistent with other round-based status effects. Note that the amount of Lure rounds has not been changed in this update.
• Doodles, Pink Slips, and Remote Controls now properly count as stuns in battles.
• Fixed several battle-related game crashes.

Boarding Groups
• In Cog HQs, elevators now have a Name Tag that can be clicked on. Once clicked, you can teleport directly to the elevator.
• When in Boss Cog lobbies, Boarding Groups can be created from anywhere in the area once again.
• When in Boss Cog lobbies, Toons can no longer be invited to a Boarding Group if they do not have a promotion.
• When inside a Boss Cog elevator, you can press Tab (by default) to swap to a view looking out of the elevator from inside.
• Implemented various anti-shuffling checks in Cog HQs.
• When a full Boarding Group enters an elevator, the timer will drop down to five seconds.
• Fixed various bugs and visual issues with Boarding Groups and elevators.

Cog Remote Controls
• One-star remotes now last for two rounds instead of three.
• Instead of dealing self-damage over time, controlled Cogs will instead get all damage at once when the remote control expires.
• Damage Remotes now un-lure Cogs.
• Boosted the damage output of Damage Remotes.
• Three-star Remotes are now guaranteed to be rewarded at the end of three-star Sellbot Field Offices.
• Applied a slight speed-up to the Healing Remote's animation.

Sellbot Field Offices
• Tweaked spawn rates of Sellbot Field Offices across Toontown.
• One-star Field Offices now start with 90 Annexes remaining.
• On the first floor of Field Offices, the Trap Gag Track will only appear in combination with Lure.
• Addressed a visual issue in Cold Caller Cubicles.
• Fixed a visual issue with The Boiler's health bar that could cause it to "jump" back in the next round.

Sellbot Task Force
• Fixed several bugs preventing Toons from obtaining certain Rank-Up Rewards.
• Addressed an issue where you could not re-obtain cosmetics if you had deleted them. If you delete part or all of a set of cosmetics, you can re-do the associated ToonTask to get them back.
• Fixed a bug that led to obtaining multiple Just-for-Fun ToonTasks with the same reward in the Hideout.
• Made a particularly difficult ToonTask for the Sleuth Badge just a bit easier.