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February 22, 2023 [ttr-live-v3.8.0]

• Implemented significant overhauls to major portions of Toontown's underlying code.
• Game clients should now consume significantly less memory -- potentially up to hundreds of megabytes.
• These changes should also improve server-side performance.
• Note that due to the significance of these changes, issues may crop up during the first few days. We'll be watching dilligently to address issues as they pop up!
• Removed several unused art assets from the files, reducing the installation size of the game.
• Made some minor back-end changes on the art-end that will affect Content Packs. For pack creators, please check toon.town/380packs for documentation on what's changed!

• Made countless tweaks to the layout, scaling, and opacity of elements in the battle menu to improve readability based on feedback.
• Shticky Notes will no longer appear blank on first-use.
• Fixed-up an issue that caused Shticky Notes to flicker under certain conditions.
• The Rewards sub-screen is now called the "Battle Trunk"
• When opening and closing the Battle Trunk, your most recent page will be saved -- even between turns!
• The Battle Trunk is now locked if you've yet to earn any rewards.

• The expiration date and time for all active Cheesy Effect rewards is now listed on the Events page in your Shticker Book.

Options Menu
• The Colorblind accessibility option now improves the visibility of laser puzzles in D.A. Offices.
• V-Sync is now able to be properly disabled on Linux systems.
• Linux will now default to windowed mode instead of full-screen.
• If you're playing on Steam Deck, experimental controller support will be enabled by default.
• The default visual settings have been lowered for advanced Toons who are running the game under Chrome OS.

Bugs 'n Blunders
• Fixed-up a client crash related to Bossbot Golf Karts.
• Patched a District reset related to Cog Building Boarding Groups.
• Animated Street Props won't interrupt your sprint anymore -- whoops!
• Fixed a GUI overlap issue when fishing with the Options Menu open.
• Addressed an issue that led to Fish Bingo rewards not being paid out properly.
• Implemented a potential fix for a rare client crash while Fishing.
• Plug your ears no longer! Fixed a long-standing issue with the April Toons' Week celebrations that caused a *CRASH* noise when leaving the Playground.
• Fixed an issue that would erroneously enable the Samantha Spade screen filter when enabling and disabling "Shaders" in the Options Menu.
• Addressed a rare internal battle error with certain Gag combinations.