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June 23, 2024 [ttr-live-v4.0.3]

• Added Inter-Pride accessories! They're available in June alongside other pride accessories in the Cattlelog, and are also available during their respective seasons (Scarves in winter, Bandanas in late summer, Bows in late spring).

Version 2.0 Cog Disguises
• Slick Skirt has been added! Maxing any v2.0 Disguise will reward you this skirt, along with the Slick Shirt & Slick Slacks.
• For those already maxed in a v2.0 Cog Disguise, battling the given Boss Cog one more time will grant you the skirt.

Sellbot Factory
• Sellbot Factory doors will now stay open longer.
• Potentially fixed an issue where Toons would crash in the Factory when attempting to teleport to The Factory Foreman battle.
• Fixed Overtime's Battle Effect not expiring upon The Factory Foreman being defeated in battle.

Bugs n’ Blunders
• Fixed a District reset related to in-game code redemption.
• Cog Facility music will no longer play after the Supervisor has been defeated and Toons are leaving.
• Fixed an issue where completing too many Cog Facilities would cause the camera to malfunction and fade into the skybox.
• Fixed a missing period in one of the "Flood the Market" dialogue lines. Grammar matters!
• The 'Trapped' status effect description will now properly reflect if a Trap Gag is organic.
• Fixed several common client crashes observed in Playgrounds.