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October 21, 2023 [ttr-live-v3.10.3g]

Bugs 'n Blunders
• Cartoonival Token Unite phrases are no longer available after Cartoonival ends. They'll return next year!
• Addressed an issue that led to Ticket Unites showing "Double Tokens!" during Cartoonival.
• Made changes to ensure the order of Shticker Book pages are consistent across all Toons.

Toon Parties
• Fixed a long standing issue with Cog-O-War -- now you can see other Toons throwing their pies!
• Addressed a client crash related to Cog-O-War.

• Fixed various visual issues related to switching between Shorts and Skirts.
• Cleaned up the animation for the High Dive gag. Toons should look significantly better when using a Cheesy Effect!