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Toontown Rewritten is currently closed for maintenance. The maintenance is expected to last 20 minutes.

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November 23, 2017 [ttr-live-v2.0.6]

• Fixed an issue with the Skelecog Mega-Invasion end date being incorrect in the calendar.
• Improved our "District Draining" feature, allowing us to locate Toons to a different district and perform maintenance without disrupting gameplay.

• Black Cats, Polar Bears, and ToonFest Blue Toons can now use a "Toon Rewrite" without losing their special color.
• Fixed "poofing" for Pumpkin and Snowman heads when running down the street. That'll come in handy this winter!
• Improved detection to make sure no Toons are left with a permanent Pumpkin head.

Cog HQ
• Fixed a crash related to unites, often causing a crash at the end of a CFO.
• Fixed a bug causing portions of the Sellbot Factory to disappear when in the East or West Elevator Shaft.
• "SPLATS" will now appear properly for pies thrown by other players in places such as the Sellbot V.P. Battle.
• Fixed an issue causing excessive frame rate drops when throwing pies in the Sellbot V.P. or Lawbot C.J. Battle. Let us know if you see an improvement!

• Fixed an animation error when reeling in fish.
• Slightly reduced the length of the reel animation.

• All racing trophies should now display properly in the Shtickerbook.
• Fixed a visual bug causing the shadow to be visible in the air when placing a Kart.
• Added widescreen support for the "Exit" button on a race pad.

• Fixed a district reset relating to Party Planning.

• Chat messages will no longer be cleared after a Toon-Up gag has been used. (They will, however, still be interrupted by laughs. You can't help but laugh at a good gag!)
• Fixed a district reset relating to battles.
• Fixed a bug causing Toons to receive no experience if another Toon unexpectedly disconnects in a Cog Building.
• Fixed the "500 to go" bug once and for all -- we hope! Send us an email if this issue continues to pop up in any of your battles.