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November 9, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.10.0]

• Engine bump time! Toontown Rewritten has been upgraded to use the latest version of Panda3D, the game engine that powers Toontown.
• For the first time ever -- Python bump time! Toontown Rewritten's supporting code has been overhauled in an effort to move from the aging Python 2 to the latest and greatest Python 3.
• We've done extensive amounts of testing to ensure that the game feels the same under Python 3 as it did before. If you notice anything off, feel free to let us know.

Bug Fixes
• If you're one of the many Toons using Intel integrated graphics, you should experience less crashes and a small boost to game performance.
• Toons using AMD GPUs of the RX 5000 series or newer should no longer experience rendering issues throughout Toontown.
• On macOS, the game window's title bar now adjusts between the system-wide Light and Dark appearance.
• Input Monitoring permissions are no longer required to launch the game on macOS. If you'd like to stop your system from poking you about it, feel free to head on over to our FAQ here. (https://toontownrewritten.com/help/faq/troubleshooting#mac-catalina)