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July 15, 2015 [ttr-beta-v1.9.8]

• Gifting has arrived! Toons are now able to send Toontastic gifts from their Cattlelog to others on their friends list.
• Loyalty items in the back of your Cattlelog are now able to be purchased by Toons who have shown their Toontown spirit long enough! Some Toons may experience "weird" timings until they receive their next cattlelog.
• The district "Pianissimo Plains" was renamed to "Pianissimo Plateau", and "Easel Acres" was renamed to "Avant Gardens".

• Fixed a bug where Laff Meters would remain above your head after going Sad in a CEO Battle.
• Fixed treasure models loading incorrectly in the CFO Battle.
• Fixed various visual glitches around town, including flicking door textures.
• Updated our engine to its latest version.
• Fixed a crash relating to the Acorn Acres picnic tables.
• Fixed a few dialogue typos.
• Various chat moderation improvements.