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April 1, 2017 [ttr-beta-v1.14.0]

Major Maintenance Upgrade! The technical team has spent several months ripping out the old code and reworking our client and server build process. This is a major upgrade that streamlines the behind-the-scenes update process, and further stabilizes the game.
• Upgraded to the latest version of Panda3D and Astron.
• We're polishing the gears and cleaning up the old pie gunk! This update introduces various performance improvements, code cleanup, and stability enhancements.
• Improved detection and moderation of non-family friendly chat.

• Fixed a number of memory leaks that hindered game performance over time.
• Fixed a bug that made doors sometimes difficult to enter.
• Prevented a method that allowed Toons to wear Cog disguises in Playground areas.
• Fixed a rare game crash in the C.F.O. boss battle.
• Golf balls now properly slow down the C.E.O. in the final round of the boss battle.
• Fixed a game crash when trying to fire a Cog before it has joined battle.
• Fixed a district crash when ordering items in the Cattlelog at a friend's Estate.

• Tweaked a number of models to reduce the amount of glitches caused by April Toons Week gravity changes.
• Improved appearance of buildings when floating in the air due to April Toons Week gravity changes.
• Adjusted the appearance of some of the winter clothing and accessory items.

APRIL FOOLS! It's the silliest week of the year, and Toontown has gone wild! Enjoy tons of craziness throughout the week.
• The Pet Shop is open once again! Loony Labs has set up shop inside and needs your help to figure out what's going on with Toontown's silliness.
• Gadzooks! The gravity in playgrounds is going berserk!
• Meow? Woof? Oink? Toon sounds and bodies are all jumbled up as a result of April Toons Week!
• With all of this craziness in Toontown, there's no telling what other surprises are in store...