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June 27, 2021 [ttr-live-v2.9.0]

• Sprinting has been added to Toontown! Just double-tap the forward movement key and your Toon will run faster until you let go.
• The base movement speed of Toons has been boosted by 5 percent.
• True Friends has been removed from the Toon Details Panel.
• Reworked Cast Member and Staff badges with a higher quality model and texture.
• Made various additions and changes to the Toontown Dictionary.

• Overhauled the reward requirements for Kart Racing and MiniGolf trophies.
• A confetti-filled fanfare will now appear when obtaining all trophies in Fishing, Kart Racing, MiniGolf, or Gardening.
• Earning every trophy in Fishing, Kart Racing, MiniGolf, or Gardening will now reward you with a unique outfit themed around the activity. Collect them all!
• If you've already gotten all trophies in an activity or accidentally deleted the outfit, just complete the activity one more time and the reward will be re-sent to your mailbox.

• Newly purchased Nametags are now added to your Wardrobe! After you purchase a new one, your old one can be re-selected at any time.
• The mailbox now sends accepted clothing, accessories, and nametags to the wardrobe/trunk by default.
• There's a new button added to the mailbox to wear clothing, accessories, and nametags right away.
• Added revamped clothes based on Racing, MiniGolf, Fishing, and Gardening to the various Cattlelog series. Try to collect them all throughout the year!
• The "Red Fez" accessory has been retextured at a higher quality. A certain Jester has gotten an orange version for himself...

• Butterflies and Fireflies have migrated to the Estate!
• Cog Invasion!!! The airplane has returned to the skies of Toon Estates.
• Added new Estate options to the Cattlelog, which will be available in your next issue:
• House exteriors, a cut concept from Toontown Online, have been polished up and implemented!
• Houses are seasonal, with the first release being the "Cherry On Top" Cupcake House from June til' the end of August.
• The Moon has overturned the Sun's rule over Toon Estates -- now you can purchase different time of day options for your Estate!
• Cleaned up estate code and addressed some estate-related crashes.

Kart Racing
• Kart handling has been overhauled to be more fun to drive! Please give us your thoughts on these changes by emailing support@toontownrewritten.com.
• You can press the Walk key (defaults to SHIFT) to honk your horn. Coming through!
• Adjusted Kart networking code to reduce the "jittering" seen with other Toons in races.