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June 23, 2015 [ttr-beta-v1.9.6]

• Added brand new ToonFest 2015 swag! Redeemable codes distributed at OMGcon will now work in your Shticker Book!
• Don't feel left out if you weren't able to attend, because everyone will be able to claim some of the ToonFest 2015 swag for a limited time!

• Fixed some users not being able to redeem codes for ToonFest 2014 apparel.
• Cleaned up Fish Bingo so it no longer causes a resource leak on Districts.
• Fixed an issue where spamming the Control key in the Toontown Match Game would disconnect you.
• Removed the '\x03' character from Cog names when they appear in the Invasions API.
• Expanded the capacity of the Attic such that it can hold 100 items.
• Fixed an issue where Cattlelogs would not be delivered often enough.
• Fixed the red flag on the mailbox not reacting to a new delivery.
• Fixed a glitch with the DA Office "Avoid the Skull" minigame.
• Fixed the red quit button erroneously showing on an NPC's chat bubble as another player finishes talking to them.
• Updated the SpeedChat+ whitelist.