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January 18, 2014 [ttr-alpha-g82711b4]

Major Update: Estates, one of the more complex parts of Toontown, are now complete!
• Change the in-game cursor to a glove, as it was in Disney's Toontown
• Add an icon to the game window
• Switch screenshots back to JPG due to some kinks in the client
• Code cleanup

• Fix an issue with friend request timeouts

• Implement basic Toon Estates
Currently, estates don't have too many features other than a private place to talk and explore. More and more features for estates will arrive in the coming days. The main hurdle here was completing the loading system for estates, which is fairly complex.

• Add a new page to the Shtickerbook: Snapshots!

• You can now view all snapshots you have taken in-game from the Shtickerbook
• Add ability to rename and delete snapshots
• Add button to open your TTR screenshot folder