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July 11, 2014 [ttr-beta-v1.3.4]

• Major cleanup for the Treasure Dive minigame

• Fix a "white screen" bug after using the snapshot key
• Improve snapshots so that the flash effect won't interfere when taking multiple pictures
• v2.0 and Skelecog Invasions no longer affect the Cogs in Cog HQs
• Correct a visual issue with the Shtickerbook when fireworks start
• Fix an issue where Toons would occasionally gain Laff Points outside of Playgrounds
• Refactor Treasure Dive's logic to fix a few crashes, prevent false-positive logs, and correct an issue where Toons would be unable to throw treasures after touching a crab and chest at once

Estates now have Popsicle treasures that restore 2 Laff Points